Floodlight Booking

Floodlights at Solihull Tennis Club

Floodlights can be booked by club members at £4 per hour (£2 per token - each token lasts half an hour).
To book a court and/or to obtain tokens, please contact Fiona Speak (Floodlights Secretary) 

You can view general court availability on our Calendar

How to use the floodlights:
• Place your token into the appropriate court meter slot (marked ‘Court 1, Court 2 and Court 3′)
• Each token lasts 30 minutes.
• The number of minutes will be displayed on the digital display, and will start to count down to zero.
• Five minutes before the end of the period, the warning beacon on the floodlighting column will start flashing.
• If you require a further period of lights, please insert another token before the lights go out.
• Multiple tokens can be inserted at once, and the number of minutes will count up as you insert each token.


1. If you fail to insert a token during the period when the warning beacon is on and the floodlights go out, they will not turn on again until fully cooled down, which can take 10 minutes.
2. The curfew time is 10.00pm each evening, inserting any tokens after 9.30pm will only provide lights up until 10.00pm, i.e. if a token is inserted at 9.45pm, you will ONLY receive 15 minutes of lights.



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